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Ramones Costume 


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Ramones Costume 

Written By: Maureen Sullivan 


What you will need 

Aluminum window mesh3 packages of artificial/acrylic hairl pair of nude color stalkinglnvisible threadHot glue & 
gunFiberfilFoam-clay (for the eyes)Binding tapel yard of thick yarnlron 

Step 1 — Ramones Costume 

• The application of hair will be a 
little frustrating, as is tends to go 
all over the place. 

• Getting the "Joey-Do" just right can 
be achieved by using an iron set on 
"low/linen". The hair may get a little 
sticky, but don't worry, most 
acrylic hair is fire proof. 

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Ramones Costume 

Step 2 

• Tommy's face was much easier to 
construct since he normally always 
wore shades. 

Step 3 

• The eyes are simply made with 
foam-clay and then painted. 

• Johnny's signature bowl haircut 
can be more precisely executed if 
straighter hair is used for his wig. 

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Ramones Costume 

Step 4 



j 1 



■ 3ft 

j 1 95 

• Dee Dee's faces requires 
substantial molding to accurately 
represent his facial features. 

• I attempted to give his cheeks a 
more hollow look by adding deep 
creases in his face. 

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